This blog was born out of the desire to experience + share God in a real, more tangible way-through written word. After all, it is written word that we still dive into thousands of years later in hopes that we can know Him more.

The title stems from a deep-rooted desire to spend my days in a farmhouse, writing, creating, + sharing with you the only thing I have have found to be real + constant-Jesus Christ.

I am by no means an author. I am simply a woman who loves the art of written word and the opportunity to share Christ with others. Thanks for joining me on this journey as I share the thoughts I am thinking, the memories I am making, and stories of Hope that God plants within my heart.

My prayer for this blog is that it will bring encouragement-for the hard days, and plant in you a desire to know your creator in a deeper way. There will be good days + and more bad days than I would like to admit, but take heart dear friend, for He is always waiting right here ready  to meet you…

Will you join me?

-Farmhouse Faith Socials -