when it's time to leave...

It's here! Packing day has come and gone, and it's time fly to Nicaragua. 

Early tomorrow morning, we will board a plane and make our way to a place that is held dear in many of my team members' hearts.  I cannot wait to sit back and watch all that God will do in and through my team and me this next week. 

My heart is full of so many emotions....nervous, anxious-excited! But most of all, I am expectant. I am expectant of a great Father who always shows up when we seek Him fully. 

I promise to share pictures and so many words when I return, but until then I ask that you continue to pray for my team. Please pray for safe travels, well bodies, and expectant hearts. Pray that we can be used for the ultimate glory of a good-good Father this week, and that we will be open to letting Him use us...And most of all, pray for open hearts to hear the Word as we share with so many precious Nicaraguans and love on so many cute little children. 

Drinking deep from His cup with you,