Be Brave. Part 2

When I launched this series, I launched it with a heart that longed to see women be brave, take a leap of faith, and trust God. Maybe as a reminder to myself to share that dream with the world-to just be brave. 

My friend Emily is doing just that. She launched her fitness business last year and hasn't looked back since. The Lord is doing amazing things in her life, and I have the privilege of watching it up close.

As a friend, it's been a dream watching this girl do what she loves and lead others so well. As a fellow business woman, it's been an honor getting to work alongside of her and shoot some new photos for her business. 

It doesn't take much to be brave. The world isn't asking you to quit your job or even sell everything you own. All God is asking for is your yes. Will you be brave with what He has set your heart on fire for? Will you open up your journal and share it with the world? Will you take that next step toward your calling? 

That's all the world-all God is asking of you-your simple yes. So what are you waiting for? Be brave little one....

Want to learn more about Emily, her fitness journey, and how you can join her next round or Sculpted & Lean? Click here to read more

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