Unrush, Exhale, + Let God Interrupt You

I saw on a blog a few days ago, "Jesus never rushed, and neither should I."

In this season of waiting, that's the hardest thing this girl could hear; and in a world so consumed with busy, it stung deep. 


"How was your day?" she asked. 

"Good. Busy, but good."

Isn't that what we always tend to say? We answer without really thinking about it. We live our lives so rushed and so chaotic that we miss what matters most. 

We are constantly "busy, but good."

But you know what we can't really be? 

Busy, but unrushed. Busy, but interrupted. Busy, but invested. Busy, but inconvenienced. Busy, but all there. 

It's hard to live a busy life and be all in!

So let's unrush a little-unplug a little. Yeah, that's it. Let's unplug, and plug-in to what really matters most. That real, hard friendship that's right next to you. That hurting friend, or spouse, or significant other. Because we can have a list of friends a mile long, and only be 1 in. deep with each one. 

So Let's dig deep. Let's invest. Let's unrush. 

God's been teaching me lot's lately about being real, being organic with my friends, family, + relationships. This theme has come up in blogs I've read, podcasts I've listened to, bible studies wth friends, and pure-real conversation. And, if I've learned anything, it's that relationships are inconvenient, weird, and messy. But, sweet-sweet friend, it's oh so worth it. 

Because when we are real, when we are organic, when we let God interrupt us; we find that living busy isn't really that fun. No really, it's lonely.

So unrush, dear friend. Exhale and let God interrupt you, inconvenience you, and bring you real-organic, and deep community.