Stop Surviving & Start Thriving!

I never realized when I picked up that little blue book with that cute little HGTV couple on the cover, that my heart would need it the way it did. The reminder that surviving isn't just thriving. 

Because if surviving is what life is all about, then I want out!

I think that's what America just loves about this couple...their fun loving, quirky, and quiet little life on the farm. Their life that teaches you to slow down and start thriving-start blooming where you are planted. It's not their words, it's their actions that speak the loudest. 

Or maybe what my heart really needed to hear was to just stop planning. Maybe just to sit back and enjoy the ride. Like Williams says to Randall on This Is Us, "Roll down the window, turn up the music, and grow out your fro..."

So maybe I won't grow a fro, but that's essentially it isn't? To let everything go and just live-just trust. To stop surviving and start thriving. Or maybe what I really needed to hear was that the world needs more of my God whispered dreams-for me to open up my journal and share them with the world. My painting, my heart for community, for adoption + orphans. 


Maybe the world needs a little more of your dreams too. 

So what are we waiting for? Open up your journal and share it with the world.