Here I am, Send Me.

I have been a college graduate for almost two years now! What?  The Lord has been working in and through my life in so many ways. I share many of them with you here, and my desire is that my ministry here will encourage women to seek Christ and foster creativity. 

As you know, I began this year with a blog post about "loving beyond myself" (If you haven't read it, you can check it out here). My prayer has been that I would learn to love past my insecurities, break down my walls, and love beyond myself. I kicked off my mission by giving all of my birthday funds to the Tim Tebow Foundation. 

You guys are amazing, and I continue to be in awe of the way God works in my life. Though we did not meet my goal of $500, we were just $100 shy. Thank you so much for helping me in kicking off the year in loving beyond myself. 

After sending the money to TTF, the month of February began to pass and I continued to pray for ways that the Lord would reveal what  "loving beyond myself" would continue to mean throughout the year. Through this, I am so excited to announce that God has given me the opportunity to go to Nicaragua. 

I will be departing for the mission trip June 16th, and I couldn't be more excited for the ways that the Lord will use the team and I, and the things He will continue to whisper to my heart along this journey. To make this trip a reality, I still need to raise a small portion. For the month of March, everything ordered through my online shop will go directly to benefit my trip to Nicaragua. 


To shop for a customized script art, check out the online shop today! I am so excited about the opportunity to paint a piece for you and pray over you as I prepare your piece to be sent out. To place your order,  click here! You can even purchase from my new series #bebravelittleone!

Aside from your monetary support by purchasing from my online shop, I ask that you continue to pray for this trip and the team that I will be joining in Nicaragua. Please pray that we can truly be the hands and feet of Jesus. And, to hear more about the months leading up to the trip, the time spent in Nicaragua, and the things God teaches me through this mission trip, you can continue to check back here!

Thank you so much for joining me on this crazy journey that God continues to set my feet upon!