...because I have this crazy idea that somehow my purpose is bigger than me

I was going through journals today, and there it was....this dream that my heart put to paper years ago. Then it hit me, this crazy idea, that somehow my purpose is bigger than me. 


I was reading The Magnolia Story a few days ago, and right there in chapter four, Joanna says it-everything my heart has ben longing to say-to share. Her dreams, right there, tucked away inside her little yellow pad. She wanted to create beauty and community. She drew pictures, designed logos, and often wandered what she should be doing. It wasn't until she shared her yellow pad with Chip that everything changed. Here sketches, her inspiration, her heart. Now look how that turned out for her. 


I think the hardest part of sharing those dreams-and even though I don't know Joanna, I bet she would agree-the hardest part isn't the work you put into making those dreams come true, it's the vulnerability of sharing those dreams with the world. Saying it out loud. Opening up that notepad and showing that friend. It's the fear of failing-not succeeding-not being good enough. 

But you know what I've also learned?

We don't have to be good enough for this world. We already have a Father in Heaven who thinks we are more than enough. And those dreams tucked away-those dreams that you are afraid to share with the world-they were planted in your heart by Him. 

Embrace those dreams, sweet friend. Share the purpose + calling that god has planted within you. In the darkness, those things will never be seen. Dwell in the light, and embrace His light. In God there is no Darkness. 


Step into the light, because the world needs more of His light shining through you. The world needs more of your God whispered dreams. 

Our "good" comes from embracing His light + trusting His plans. Those dreams tucked away in that little yellow pad of yours, they may just be bigger than you. And, they may just be given to you by a God who says you are more than enough, and more than equipped to carry out that calling.