What the BFG taught me about God

First of all, let me begin by saying that I have never been the one to take a book or a movie for face value. I love watching, analyzing, and finding the hidden meanings.

But, Friday night when I sat down to watch The BFG, I wasn't prepared for the little bubbly-whisper that would come floating into my heart and dreams. Right there in the middle of what seemed like a treacherous Friday-there it was-a whisper. The pressure was off, and my weary heart was ready to listen. 


I don't want to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it, but to brief you, a giant (the BFG) steels little Sophie from her orphanage one night and they set out on an adventure catching dreams and saving the "human beans." 

So, bare with me for a moment...Roald Dalh's language throughout the entire book/script creates the most beautiful picture of a giant (creator) who sees all, hears all, and breathes dreams into our night.

I couldn't help but sit quiet and amazed at the likeness of our creator woven throughout the script. Right there in dream country the whimsical whispers of a creator were spoken. 

"Often enough, on a clear night, I hears far away music coming from those stars in the sky. I is hearing the tiny little ants chittering to each other as they skiddle about in the soil. Cattlepidlers though, they is the worst chat bags. All the time they is arguing about who will be the most pretty butteryflies. I hear the footsteps of the lady bird, as she walks across a leaf. But the funniest old stories, I's heard from the plants and trees themselves. Yeah, they is living and growing, laughing, chittering, just like you and me. I is hearing all the wonderous and all the terrible, terrible things. All the secret whisperings of the world." -the BFG

Maybe it was because that's what my heart needed to hear tonight. Maybe that's why I heard His whispers. But, either way, there it was. Right there in the middle, the subtle reminder that we serve a God who created this whole-wide-wonky world. The stars, the lady birds, the cattlepiddlers, and the living-breathing trees and brassy seas. All of it. He created it, breathed life, and blew dreams into it. This world is alive and singing the song of His glory, and He continues to breathe dreams into it every day. 

Guys, just look at how big of a God we serve. He is the God who hears all of the "secret whisperings of the world." And, He whispers right back to us.

Did you hear my heart beating at the orphanage,” Sophie asked. “Yeah, I is hearing it right now.

Oh what a sweet word my heart needed to hear spoken. Just as our heart beats, He is right there.

BFG, you say that you can hear ants talk and spiders spin; that you can hear the stars. Can you still hear me?”

I feel you’re here. I know you’re here. Jump, Sophie.
— Sophie, the BFG

And just as Sophie jumps off the ledge of the orphanage, trusting BFG will be there to catch her, we too must jump. Head first, with reckless abandon, we must jump and trust that He will be right there to catch us when we fall. 

But the problem that we human beans, have is that we don't trust, do we? We have it all wrong. We are the only animals killing our own kind. Friends, I'm preaching this to myself-to my weary heart today. Because just like the BFG says, "The human beans is making rules to suit himself.' 'Everybody is making rules to suit himself."

"The matter with human beans," the BFG went on, "is that they is absolutely refusing to believe in anything unless they is actually seeing it in front of their own schnozzles."

We've got to stop making this world our own. We've got to, so desperately, stop trying to write our own story. We've got to turn back to the God who created us and everything under the sun. Because, He is the only real and constant thing about our lives. He is the only giant who can listen to all the secret whisperings of the world, hear our hearts beat, breathe dreams into our night, and make each morning new with His mercies. 

We is here at last. You’s in dream country now, missy. This be where all my dreams is beginning.
— -the BFG