Clear The Stage

Maybe it's really that simple.

Maybe He's just asking us to be all in and move. 

Maybe all He's really asking is for us to fear Him and do what He says. 

Not the hands trembling-knees shaking kind of fear, but honest respect. I heard a pastor once say that fearing God is being consistently aware of Him.


Maybe all He is asking us to do is be in awe. 

Yeah, that's it. Maybe we are to just sit in His presence for a moment and let Him steal our awe. Like when the earth is quiet and the sun is just waking. The way He ushers in new life and a new peace with each new color painted across the sky.


Or, maybe its the way there is a deafening silence when snow is falling and the world is in a flurry.

The breathtaking-overwhelming love when you hold your first child. 

The way a lake ripples as the wind sweeps across it, or the constant crashing of white peaks on the sandy shore. 

For me, its standing in a wide open field with my face to the sky. It's almost as if you can see a million galaxies away-into the Heavens. When I look for it, it's the laughter of the ones I love. Or, the way fresh flowers bloom and usher in a new season. 

That's when He steals our awe. But, you know what our problem-my problem is? 

We make it complicated..Because if He doesn't steal it, something else is going to...and that means we've got two choices: