When your insecurities come out of hiding.

It happened (again) tonight.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I stopped on a beautiful post by a dear friend.

A friend who looks like she has life all together. I see her post about her many adventures and all of the really "cool" people she knows, and that little feeling comes creeping up inside. 

Yeah, you know the feeling. The "I want what she has" feeling. The one that leaves you feeling, oh I don't know, JEALOUS inside.

Yeah, that feeling.

Anyone else out there ever feel that way? 

You know what comes up if you google that word?


Right there in big-bold letters is the word-INSECURITY.

That's right. Because if I've learned anything from this world consumed by social media is that we're all a bunch of crazy broken people with a bunch of crazy broken insecurities. And, what better to bring out those insecurities than someone else's long feed of little rose colored squares?  

Sweet friend, if I could sit across the table from you tonight, I would pour you a big ole' cup of hot tea and tell you how blessed you really are.

Because instead of looking through someone else's feed of "happiness", I would tell you to look right at yours. All the happiness you share with the world. A life filled with so many great relationships, experiences, and adventures. Real, organic, joy. 

I would tell you to remember the time you surprised your mom by coming home early, and how you made her cry (the happy kind of tears, course).  Or maybe that time you took her to lunch at your favorite little creamery-sharing coffee, goat milk ice cream, laughter, and good conversation.

What about the time your brother called you after you had already gone to bed, and instead of not answering or saying you would talk in the morning, you decided to answer and enjoy the conversation. Remember that little whisper from God when He told you that sleep can wait, you may not get this moment back.



How about all of the concerts, road trips, and memories you've shared with some of the best gals around. You've been on countless adventures, recalling the blessings that Christ has given you. The mercies that He makes new for you every morning. 

That's what life is truly about. A God who created you to live just the life you are living, and not someone else's. A God who knit within you a great passion, many talents, and big adventure. 

When you remember those things, sweet girl, thats when all the jealousy and insecurities fade away. And, that-that's what it truly means to love past your insecurities.