what happens when we love past our insecurities + learn to be real friends

You have never locked eyes with someone who does not matter deeply to God.

On long drives, I am a huge fan of listening to podcasts. That Sounds Fun (Annie F. Downs) to be exact. Annie always has the best guests with the most thought provoking conversations, and she makes you feel like her friend.

Today, as I drove home for Christmas, I heard those words through my speakers. They spoke so deeply to my soul. They whispered everything I wanted to yell about why. Why I am making it my mission to love beyond myself this new year, and why I am beginning with the Tim Tebow Foundation. 

You see, we're all just a little crazy broken. 

It's true, you know-we've never locked eyes with someone who doesn't matter deeply to God.And maybe that's it...Because really, we're all just looking for a real friend-for real community. 

Maybe that's why I am choosing to love beyond myself-past my insecurities.

Maybe that's why I am choosing to open my home-to open life. Because when we step out of our comfort zones + take God out of that little box we've put Him in, we may just find that our one little broken heart will mend some. 


So when people ask me why I am beginning my "New Year's Mission" by raising money for TTF, I am going to tell them just that. Yep. Because we were made for community-for realtionship. We were made to love big, and shine our light bright. We were made to belly laugh till our sides hurt. To dance in the rain and share cups of coffee. We were made to walk through the hard with friends, and come alongside of them in prayer. We were made to bring a brighter day to those in their darkest hour.

Just like they are doing at TTF. So, will you help me meet my goal of raising $500 for the Tim Tebow Foundation? Will you join me in loving beyond myself in 2017? 

The Tim Tebow Foundation lives out love everyday by granting W15HES, providing a haven for those living in hospitals, financially helping families bring their children home, and cheering on those who have rarely been told how beautiful they are-how worthy they are. They are a true example of loving past insecurities + learning to be real friends. That's why I am beginning the new year-the new me, by giving back to them. Watch the clip below, and continue reading to find out how you can join me in raising $500 by January 13th. 

Want to join me now?

It's easy! I am compiling all birthday money/gifts together in an attempt to raise $500 (or more). I absolutely love birthday cards and handwritten notes, so I am asking that everyone send me a birthday card and gift in the form of money. 

  • Please send all cards to:
    • McKenzie Hope Lynn at 135 Brookstone Pl. Jackson, TN. 38305

If you would rather donate directly to TTF you can do so in honor of me-for my birthday!

  • Simply click HERE to donate
  • Choose an amount to give
  • Check the box that says "Give in honor of a loved one"
  • Honoree Name: McKenzie Hope Lynn
  • Honoree Email: mckenziehopelynn@outlook.com
  • Follow the remaining steps to check out

Any and all money received will be combined and given directly to TTF. A handwritten letter and TTF inspired print will be sent to the return address on the envelope or to the person stated in the email. 

I hope you will join me on this journey as I learn to love beyond myself, and open my one little broken heart to those who have just as much messy + crazy broken as me. 2016 is one for the books, but 2017 is going to be all about loving loud and listening to the quiet just a little bit more. So what are you waiting for? Let's get ready for new year + a new you!