a new year, a new you, and the Tim Tebow Foundation

Now that Christmas has almost come and gone, we begin to make plans to usher in a new year. We mark our calendars with new events and make new lists of things we want to accomplish that we somehow missed last year. 

"Out with the old and in with the new," we say. Resolutions fill our agenda for the first week of a new year, and then it's on to something new. 

But this year-yeah this year, I'm resolving to love beyond myself.

I pray that this year, the Lord will flood in this life like never before. Flood our hearts with joy and our homes with more of You. Change us. Remake us. Give us strength in the days when our flesh wants to run the other way. Let our life be a light of You-even when others aren't watching. Even when we may be scared. Don't let us be blinded by the culture, by the lies, and by our own sin. Let us go to work daily with less pride, more humility, and more You. Give us a deep desire to love others beyond ourselves. Let us write this, pray this, and believe this. Let our hearts drink deep from the truth. Find us, know us, and give us strength. And on days that You seem so far away, don't let our hearts grow weary. Don't let us lose sight of You. 

That is my prayer for the new year. But how do I plan to love beyond my self, you ask? 

Well, I plan to end 2016 and begin 2017 by giving back to one of my favorite organizations, and I am giving you a chance to do the same. The Tim Tebow Foundation strives daily to bring Faith, Hope, and Love to those needing a brighter day during their darkest hour. Beginning today and ending on my birthday, January 13, I am raising money for TTF. 

Will you join me? 

You can join the fun by choosing to give in one of the following ways:

  1. Send me a birthday card with money for TTF and receive a handwritten letter in return!
    • I love cards, I love handwritten notes, and I love TTF. So why not combine the three in a way that gives back? 
    • Any and all money received for my birthday will be combined and given directly to TTF, a handwritten letter and TTF inspired print will be sent to the return address on the envelope.
  2. Donate directly to TTF in honor of me!
    • Simply click HERE to donate
    • Choose an amount to give
    • Check the box that says "Give in honor of a loved one"
    • Honoree Name: McKenzie Hope Lynn
    • Honoree Email: mckenziehopelynn@outlook.com
    • Follow the remaining steps to check out
  3. Book a photoshoot by January 13th, and your deposit amount will go directly to TTF!
    • Check out the SHOP for pricing details. 
    • Book now, Pay deposit, Choose any date (upon availability) in 2017, Pay remaining at photoshoot.
    • Deposit amount is $50, use code TTFPHOTO at check out to pay deposit price only. 
  4. Donate $15 or more directly through the FMF shop and receive a Tim Tebow #Shaken inspired print as a Thank You. 
    • Check out the SHOP to donate!
    • All money received through the TTF Donation link will be given to TTF!

Not convinced to join the giving yet? Check out the video below to learn more about where your donation will be going, and who it will be helping. I challenge you to watch the video without tearing up!

Thanks for joining me,