Living Life Full of Tradition

Because when life gets hard and all you can see is your crazy broken, they see beauty.

They see life and share life. Because that's what family does.

They show you laughter, sunshine and thankfulness.

And, when the weather changes and the holiday season is ushered in, they show you the beauty in traditions built around laughter and love.

Tradition has many definitions:

  1. The passing down of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. 
  2. A long established custom that has been passed down. 
  3. An artistic method or style established by an artist, writer, or movement, subsequently followed by others.

No matter the definition you choose, each writing reveals life. Life passed from one generation to the other. Through laughter, custom, and togetherness. 

My favorite Christmas tradition is apricot cookie making with my mum. Rolling the dough, sprinkling sugar, and laughing at how bad most of our cookies look are some of the best memories made. Because the beauty in life doesn't come from the store bought gifts or even the cookies.

The beauty is found in the laughter and time spent together. No matter the season, no matter the hurt, no matter the hard, family traditions remain. And those, those are the things that matter. So dig deep and spend time with your family this holiday season, and live a life full of tradition.