Dear Future Husband, (a 7 day prayer journal)

When I first began blogging, I never dreamed that God would lead me to where I am today. Single, working full time, and living hundreds of miles away from family. This season has brought with it both the good, the bad, and the messy. But through it all, I am continuously reminded that I have a Savior who never ever leaves me where I am. 

7 Prayers for Your Future Husband.jpg

When I first began dreaming of creating a bible study, Christ continued to lay "singleness" on my heart. Walking through my own season of waiting, it seemed to be the topic of discussion around most family, friends, and even acquaintances.

"Are you dating anyone?"

"Have you found yourself a boyfriend yet?"

"Is there someone special in Jackson?"

These were all questions of most every conversation and ones that always seemed to have the same answer: NO!

But, what I have found during my own season of waiting, is something that took me years to realize. Going through a really hard break up in high school, it wasn't until years later in college that I realized what it truly meant to pray for my future husband and for myself.

This journal was created with that in mind-with you in mind. While we are waiting, we don't need boys to fill our afternoons with cheap food and  "good" conversation. We need to begin praying for the man that God is preparing our hearts for. We need to begin praying for ourselves as we continue to wait and draw closer to our creator, because there is no one who can truly satisfy your soul like He does. 

That's what I wish someone would have told me when I spent nights crying because all of my friends had boyfriends and I felt so alone. That's what I wish someone would have told me when I was home alone studying when my friends were out on dates. That's what I hope to share with you today. 

Life isn't about cheap dates or the next boy who can occupy your afternoon. It was made to be spent in communion with your Father. The one who is writing your story as we speak.  The author of the greatest love story ever told. 

If you are there today, sweet sister, I hope you follow the link below to download day 1 of my prayer journal for FREE. This journal will teach you to prayer for your future husband, as well as, plant within your heart sweet scripture to pray over yourself. So what are you waiting for? It won't cost you a thing, and I will be waiting right here on the other side waiting to walk with you through this season and pray for you as you begin to find your worth in the God who is writing your love story right now. 

Drinking deep from His cup with you,