when thanksgiving doesn't come easy...

...this season your in, yeah-I've been there too. A season marked by much hurt + much hard. A season where thanks is the furtherest out of reach. Whether you are walking through a job loss, a loss of a loved one, a big decision to make, a season of waiting, or a struggling marriage-we all have a little hurt, a little hard, + a whole lot of crazy broken. But, this season is the making of us-the breaking of us. 

I drove past the most beautiful tree last weekend (not pictured-wish I would have gotten a photo of it). It reminded me of what I would imagine the burning bush to look like. Bright yellow at the base. It's leaves like sparks flying. As you moved up, there were bright orange/burnt orange shades cascading into a fiery red tip. It was the most beautiful fall tree I have ever seen, and a picture would never do it justice. 

As I sit here and think about that tree, I am reminded of two things:

  1. The story of Moses and the burning bush.
  2. Our lives are a lot like those leaves-beautiful and vibrant, but dying and becoming new. 


You see, in the story of Moses, we find that God promised Moses that He would be with him through a difficult journey. Just like the one you may be facing today. It would challenge him, mold him, and make him. That journey was terrifying for Moses. He didn't think that he was capable of what God was asking of him. He knew that it would be a season of hurt-of hard. 

I think we so often (myself included) believe or begin to think that these prestigious men and women of the bible never questioned, worried, or doubted-they never really went through hard like we do. But, we are foolish to believe for one second that they aren't human like us. This story reminds me that they were made of flesh, just like you and I. And Moses, he questioned God just like you and I. 

So when God sent him to save the Israelites, you better believe Moses was terrified. And just like us, Moses tried to use excuse after excuse as to why he wasn't good enough to do the job. God always has a plan, and when Moses said that he couldn't speak so he surely wasn't the one to go save his people, God sent Aaron with him. We all know how the story ends-Moses brings his people out of Egypt and we find that God never once left him through his journey. 

When he thought that he wasn't good enough, God was there. All along his difficult journey, God led him along the path that he had already set before him. A path Moses didn't think he could bare. And, God never once left him where he was. 

If you take hold of the truth that God is with you every moment, how would that change your life? 

Just as that tree has changed colors, God is beckoning in a new life. The old is passing away and a new life will come next spring. Just as you are walking through a season marked by difficulty, God is with you. He is creating within you a new spirit. The old has gone and the new is coming, and He has never once left you on your own. 

When your road is marked with a season of hard and you can't see thanksgiving on the horizon, remember that God has not left you where you are. Realize the magnitude of that statement today, sweet sister. Revel in the rich knowledge that you have a God who knows you, is creating a new spirit within you, and will never-no never-leave you where you are. 

That, dear sister, that is enough reason to be thankful-no matter the season you may be walking through... 

Drinking deep from His cup with you,