dear friend: an open letter to high school me

He isn't worth the heartache, sweet girl.

Trust--it's something that takes so long to build up, but only seconds to tear down. 

He's going to break your trust, and you're going to be left with two choices: 

You can either get up, shake it off, and you can move on. 


You can be left sulking in the mistakes you made, opportunities you "missed," and dreams that were lost. 

So which one will it be? 

Because tonight, dear friend, you get to make that choice. And from where I am standing right now, option one looks a whole lot better! 

Yeah, it's going to take some work. Yeah, your heart's going to break a little. But can I tell you this today--The pain you're feeling now, it goes away. The warm-bright sun will shine upon your face again. Laughter will return, and new memories will be made. You may have to wait a while to meet the man of your dreams, but if you trust God with that area of your life, He will give you so many adventures during the waiting season. 

He will bring you life-long friends. Friends who cheer you on, walk alongside of you in the hurt, + friends who just know how to do life with you. And while you're still waiting + they've all gotten married, Christ will continue to whisper promises to your heart. He will never stop pursuing you, wooing you, + loving you.

So tonight, sweet girl-when it gets hard + you think that you can't make it through this break-up, remember that the God of the universe has written your name on His heart. He has never stopped + He will never stop molding you, loving you, + preparing you for His perfect plan for your life.