when you need the courage to follow

Some days my heart simply longs to walk barefoot in the soil of a foreign land.

My hands long to hold babies with chubby cheeks and big almond eyes.

My mouth sings the praises of a great maker all the while He is planting within my soul the greatest desire to follow and GO.

Some days all I want to do is go. It's one of the scariest thoughts that fill my mind, yet somehow my heart is at peace-and somehow leaving everything I know behind, becomes the biggest adventure of a lifetime.

Other days, my mind begins to find all the excuses it can as to why I shouldn't go...

"No, this isn't what you want. Don't leave the comfort of your own controlled and encouraged American life."

But God has shown us His Glory. He has rooted within us and anthem of Hope- and when we as children of an almighty God walk in that Hope and Light, the fruit of the light is found. And in that fruit we find all that is good, right, and true.

 No matter how many times I tell myself + God no, He continues to show me His glory and breathe grace upon me. He continues to shine His light upon my face, soften my heart, and lead my soul back to that peaceful longing. Because there is a mystery to His Godliness that I may never understand. But I can trust in the the Maker who created in me the deepest longing to just GO.

Father we look on You with wonder. Our eyes are lifted toward you. We bring our empty hands, waiting for them to be filled. Filled with Your presence, Your grace, and The desire to do Your will. We ask not that you lead us in the path of what we desire, but that You walk along side of us and usher us into Your presence-into Your calling. Whether it be the calling on our life, our year, or just our day. And when You call, we pray that we will muster the courage to Follow. That we will seek. That we will listen. That we will GO.