to the woman who feels inadequate + unqualified

"You're not smart enough"



"Your too slow." 



"If only you were as good as ______."



These are the lies the world feeds you. I know, because I hear them too. I feel them most days. The quiet whisper of unsatisfaction. It breathes deep into your soul until you believe all that it tells you.



It started back in school. Every day you played sports or that extracurricular activity that you were in, the world screamed all of the lies of inadequacy. Then you grew up, went to college and the world continued to glare in your face. Maybe you got married and started a new job too, but the lies kept coming. It never leaves.



Some days, the storm clouds come rolling in on a Thursday and you're just ready for the weekend to come. You lie in bed as the lightening flashes through your windows, and you listen as God speaks sweet and low to your soulYour deams are alive but your heart is an unsteady broken. 


You know most days, I feel like the most unqualified person to be sharing my story. But there it is-the sweet and quiet breathe that tells you that you can do it. Its slow and steady, and rushes over every lie like a stream of steady water. It washes away every lie of inadequacy + every doubt that you were ever qualified to be doing what your called to do.