First he was a football player then a well-known man of his faith; now he is a sports anchor, tv star, baseball player, and newly dubbed author.

With are large portion of his post grad life in the spot light, Tim Tebow has been the talk of many social media sights, radio stations, news stations, etc. But even through all of the negative feedback about his life and career, Tim has stood firm in his faith.

I've been a Tebow fan since his Bronco days, but not really a football fan.  At first glance, one may think this book is a memoir or biography of the life of a football player. However after reading Tim's new book, I have found that to be far from true.

From the highs and lows of his life to the highs and lows of many other people you may know written about in his book, Tim gives encouragement and insight into how to stand firm when everything around you feels shaken. He shares the gut wrenching feeling of being cut from teams, losing jobs, and more. This book is simply about guy who has lived high on the mountaintops and deep in the valleys, and has chosen to share in that with you, the reader.

It’s easy to hide those moments-to keep it all to yourself-but Tim has chosen to share with the world why his faith is so strong (and sometimes not so strong) even when everything seems to be falling apart. And in his raw honesty, you seem to find a friend going through the same real struggle that you are.

So if you are there today, sweet friend, take heart. You don’t have to be there. You aren't walking alone in the hard. I encourage anyone who feels they are a bit crazy broken; go and pre-order Tim's book today.

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To order from your favorite retailer today, click here, and check out the video above to hear more about #Shaken!