living out your yes

I met, my friend, Danica when we were in elementary school. Growing up on a farm, we often accompanied our dads to cattle sales just to look at cows, eat the best strawberry ice cream around, and foster a life-long relationship. After moving to a new city and a new school, my kept friendship with Danica was one that I cherished dearly. She is a bright light for the Father, and if anyone knows the beauty in obedience, it's this lady I am about to share with you! As Danica is nearing a big move to a new country, I have asked her to share her heart about obedience and giving God your "yes". Enjoy her sweet and prompting words and check out the giveaway!

Sometimes we feel like it takes a “super-hero” of a Christian to actually make a difference in the world. You probably know what I mean, those Christians that are known worldwide. The ones who got their name out there and have made connections. The ones whose books have been published, whose sermons are on TBN, and whose churches are slammed packed on Sundays. Most of the time we have a skewed mindset of how Christians are supposed to be, and we either bash those who have public exposure because we envy them, or we stay silent because of an unspoken and sometimes an unidentified sense of inferiority.

But… what if I were to tell you that you are just as important and just as capable of achieving greatness as your celebrity preacher, published artist, or a historically recorded revivalist? What if I told you that God wants to use you now… right where you’re at… in a way that can reach and literally catapult the nations towards the Father?! Because all of that is possible. And all that is required of you is a simple answer: “yes”.

Saying yes to God is maybe the simplest and the most difficult thing to do all at once. It is simple because it is just saying yes instead of no. But it is difficult because usually a “yes” requires us to sacrifice our “flesh” once again. Most of the time, when the Lord gives us a call, it is not comfortable. In fact, of all of those moments biblically recorded, none of them are comfortable to our carnality. The ways of the world and the ways of God are not in any way the same. And that is okay, because though it may seem more comfortable, things of the world have no eternal significance. However, your seemingly simply yes to the Lord carries weight beyond what you can see or feel.

Do you realize that every time you say yes to the will of the Lord, or yes to doing what He has asked of you, that you are adding weight to what is going on in the heavens? What I mean by that is that what you do today, MATTERS.

When you read the Bible. When you pray. When you feed the hungry. When you clothe those without clothes. When you love the least of these. When you say yes to going to the nations to preach the gospel or hold a baby who has been abandoned by their parents. When you go and help dig a well in Africa. When you tell the person in your math class that their life is important and that they are loved by a God who is bigger than all of their problems. When you serve, unseen, in a church. When you bless those who curse you. When you live an honorable life because you say you’re a Christian. When you take a stand for righteousness and stop rejoicing in sin. When you say yes to God… IT ALWAYS MATTERS.

You don’t have to be the next Joyce Meyer to say yes. She only became “THE Joyce Meyer” through her ‘yes’ anyway. What makes you a solid Christian is having a heart that is fixated on Jesus and that is eager to serve Him and obey His word in whatever capacity that looks like.

I encourage you to ask the Lord today how you can say yes. What can you do now to make a difference in the world, and how can your yes bring eternal significance in heaven? Because what you do matters!!
— Danica Keeton