Will You Surrender?

I met Dwaine when I began student choir at Lindsay Lane Baptist Church when my family first moved to Athens, Al.  When I first began the idea of a guest post on obedience, God continued to lead me right to Dwaine's story. His heart for worship and leading others into worship is most evident in all that he does. He recently wrote a few songs that are phenomenal and his story of obedience in songwriting is no less than that itself. I am excited for him to share a snippet of his story with you and for you to hear his heart for worship. 

Eight to ten years ago God began to place a new calling on my life. In addition to being a worshipper who leads His church in worship, He decided that it was time I start writing songs for His church. What?!?! “I don’t think so.” Is pretty much the way I responded. You see, I am not a song writer. Sure, I write silly parodies and goofy songs for kids, and yes, I’m always making up silly songs about things at the most inopportune of times, but to actually write songs for God’s church… I am inadequate at best.

So, there I stood before the proverbial burning bush saying the same thing Moses said, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” Well, I didn’t say that, but I basically said, “Who am I that I should write songs for your church? You have plenty of others doing that, and doing it extremely well. Just let me lead worship. It’s what I love. Besides, I can’t do that God. I don’t know how.”

I spent the next eight to ten years saying this over and over again. I have a journal full of frustrating attempts at song writing and frustrated prayers to go along with them. Then it happened… I surrendered. Much more could be said about the circumstances that brought this about, but in the end I simply stopped trying and just waited.

For me, I have discovered that I sit down and write a phrase or two when God lays it on my heart and then I get up when He’s done. No more fretting. No more worrying. No more trying. “Will You Surrender?” happened without me even realizing it. Out of the blue God gives me an idea for the chorus, and this song that had been incomplete for about five years was done in a week. God has continued to work that way in my song writing - when I finish one He waits and then gives me an idea for another one. Sometimes it is weeks before I get another idea to add to it.

I have now written four songs and “Rise” is a wonderful testament to how God works. It was sitting on my piano without much direction as I waited on God. Then one day I visit a dear couple who had just discovered cancer was eating away at her liver. God inspired the first verse on the way home from their house.

Looking back, I realize that during the time of “why me” my obedience wasn’t genuine. It was surface at best. My obedience came when I truly surrendered to His calling and trusted Him with it.
— Dwaine Stroud

Friends, obedience doesn't have to look like big-crazy YES moments. It doesn't even have to look like traveling to another country or even starting a blog. It's as simple as saying,"Okay Lord, do what You will. I surrender." When we try to control our circumstances, we get no where. BUT-when we fully surrender and follow the path of obedience, God will always-always come through! He will bless you and He will use you in ways you could never imagine!


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