It's such a heavy word, yet it rolls off of our lips with such eloquence.


It has a beauty to it's presence + it's a word that can bring us to our knees.


It bares the ugly. It bares the hurt. It bares the sin.


It wasn't until recently that I actually thought about the weight of that. A word so beautiful yet so scandalous. A word that can take on two juxtaposed adjectives. A word so graceful yet so messy. A word that is like the force of the tide and the quiet mist that floats form the shore all at the same time. 

It's the love that saves us from the hurt we cause others. It's a word that graces our walls, adorns our bodies, and is uttered from out lips daily. It's grace that took on our sin, takes on our hurt, and cleans up our messy. 


We ask for it like we deserve it, and somehow find it hard to extend to others. But, it was grace that was given to us so freely by a Savior that loves so graciously. It wasn't without agony, love, or adoration that grace was offered. Our Father took on a cross, nails, and thorns to give us grace-to forgive us for our sin.


So how, in all of the crazy-broken, scandalous-messy, + painfully-hard, can a word be so beautiful. Why would we choose to flood our homes and tattoo our bodies with it?


It's in the sacrifice. It's in the healing. It's in finding our worth that we see that we are far from deserving. It's in the joy + thankfuness that we find the beauty in such a heavy word. A word not to be tossed around, but a word to be extended to others. It's when we give that grace, that we find Him + become more like HimThat's when grace isn't just messy and hard, but also stunning and admirable. That's when GRACE becomes so scandalously-beautiful.