when healing begins

You know those busy weekends where all you expect to do is run-run-run? 


Yeah, it was one of those weekends. Amidst all of the crazy broken, there are still things that need to be done and places to go. 


Those weekends where you run from one thing to the next with a constant reel playing in your mind of what has to be done. You often overlook somethings as they pass because the reel just keeps moving. But somehow—yeah, somehow—in the midst of all that seems to be moving, all that life seems to be throwing your way, the healing begins.

It was chilly. The air was crisp and turning into fall. The fields had just been cut, like she remembered when she was little. The light was bright on her face. There was a freshness about the air that only comes about in the fall. Everything begins turning brown as it seems to be dying-turning its life over to the earth to be made new in the spring.

Maybe it was the smell as they rode through the fields that brought back the memories. Maybe it was the quietness that fell upon the farmland. Maybe it was the laughter they shared as they remembered the way things were. Or maybe it was the way the sun set and the stars filled the sky, reminding her of the vast greatness and abilities of an almighty Father.

Whatever it was, it was a sweet whisper that brought healing in the middle of her crazy broken. It was a salve that covered those deep wounds that lay broken for so long. It spoke sweet + low. It brought laughter and a shared sense of ease. 


Maybe sometimes we don’t see the healing. We often overlook God working because we spend too much of our time running crazy. We consume our lives with busy and miss the opportunity to share that moment of healing—to recognize that we are being made new, even in the busy. Even in the hurt. Maybe we hold on to that crazy broken—afraid that it will just continue to hurt if we let it go and let it heal.


But, when we breathe in deep and exhale all of that hurt, we give our wounds the chance to heal. When we listen for it, we hear it. When we look for it, we find it. That warm light that shine bright on us and all of the ones we love. That healing that only comes in forgiveness—you find it there. You find it in the crazy broken. You find it in the busy. If you only look.